Quality Dog Behaviour, Training and Walking

Offering premier quality dog behaviour, training and care, with qualified, experienced and insured practitioners, across North Worcestershire.  

Our services are friendly, supportive and bespoke to your needs.

Our specialist areas are:

  • Perfect Puppies 
  • Behavioural Training - Anxious, Nervous and Reactive Dogs
  • Assistance Dog Training
  • Holistic Dog Care & Therapies
  • Children and Dogs

The ethos of the company is that dog training should be fun and stress free for both dog and owner and, due to being trained in various animal holistic therapies, we have a very holistic, force free, approach to our work.

We offer puppy and specialist classes, which are purposely very small in size, with only 3-4 dogs per class, and have at least 1 trainer and 1 assistant per class.  This allows us to focus plenty of time on each individual dog and owner and develop them at their own pace.  

We are known for integrating anxious and even our past reactive dog clients into our normal training classes due to the calm and force free environment that we provide. 

Helen Gerard

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Helen Gerard and Correna Taylor

Registered Instructor

Helen Gerard

Members of Canine Connections  - HG & CT

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